Ing. Alexander Néveri: I believe that business should be fair

He only believes in fair business practices, whether related to searching for new business opportunities or work performance. Alexander Néveri Ing., the owner of NEVITEL, a.s., thinks that only fair practices can lead to one’s goal in the long run. His company has dealt with the establishment, maintenance and development of telecommunications base stations since 1996.

 “Users do not even realise the hard work that is hidden behind each mast. Preparation, searching for locations, planning and management – these all form a very important part of our work. In Slovakia, we have concluded frame contracts with all of the three key telecommunications operators”, Mr. Néveri told DUNA television.

Mr. Alexander Néveri completed his studies in the field of telecommunications. The year 1989 brought many opportunities, which was the reason why in 1990, in addition to his normal job as an employee, Mr. Néveri began to work as a freelancer. “In autumn 1992, it was about time to leave my job and start to focus on my business activities. To start with, I worked on my own, concluding contracts for exchange installation and maintenance,” says this successful businessman about his beginnings.

In spring 1996, Mr. Néveri entered into negotiations with a Hungarian company. The goal of the negotiations was the takeover of the company’s telecommunications department in Slovakia. At the same time, he also became familiar with the establishment of GSM stations. “When France Telekom won the contract for network establishment, they promised to establish as many as 500 base stations. That seemed to be an impossible task at that time. However, the word ‘impossible’ cannot be found in my dictionary. We became the most successful company of the entire project. In a year, we were able to establish 126 stations. We basically had to work constantly, from morning till evening.”

The main shareholder of the company says that there are always new challenges to face in the telecommunications market. NEVITEL’s role is not only to establish but also to maintain and develop technologies. “I often say that one day there will be a need for technology to be used on the Moon. When that time comes, we will put on spacesuits and fly to the Moon. I also say that grids were first introduced 100 years ago and there is still a need for their upgrade and modification.”

When Mr. Néveri became the mayor of Veľký Meder and had to focus on public matters, he wanted to make sure that the management of the company remained in the hands of loyal people. As of January, the company has been managed by his wife, Mrs. Szilvia Néveri Varagya Mgr. “Our field of activity is very specific. The activity we carry out is not that visible to the public. Our number 1 priority is for our business partners to be satisfied with our work. It might seem that telecommunications are not a common area for women to work in. However, general directors are not there to lay cables or master technical details. They are there to manage and motivate their employees and achieve the goals that have been set,” says the general director.

Even though there are only few companies working in this field in Slovakia, this market faces strong competition and price wars. That is why NEVITEL employees look ahead. Their goal is to create synergies and become an unrivalled market player in this field which would be able to cover the entire Vysegrad Four region.