Ing. Juraj Kočiško Named the New CEO of the Company


Ing. Juraj Kočiško was named the CEO of NEVITEL, a.s., on the basis of a decision adopted by the General Meeting of the company held on 15 January 2014. This information has also been published on the website for the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic.

This organizational change for NEVITEL, a.s. fully preserves continuity and the direct influence of the company's owner in day-to-day operations. Ing. Alexander Néveri shall continue to take an active role in company management from his position of sole shareholder Mgr. Szilvia Néveri Varagya has taken over the positions of Chairperson of the Supervisory Board and Adviser to the CEO as of the same date.

Following the successes achieved over the previous year, in which the company managed to achieve consolidation in a number of strategic areas, the nomination of a new Chairperson of the Board of Directors is another step forward for NEVITEL on the telecommunications market to ensure it remains well respected and associated with terms such as honour, decency, professionalism, growth and success.

NEVITEL, a.s. has been active in the telecommunications sector for nearly 20 years. The company is a stable partner in the construction of technical infrastructure for the most demanding players on the telecommunications market. We continue to strengthen our competencies both at home in Slovakia and in neighbouring countries including the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria in particular.

We are convinced that these changes will strengthen your trust in NEVITEL, a.s. and contribute towards subsequent development of our mutual business relations.

Thank you for your faith in us and we look forward to future cooperation!