Alexander Néveri Reappointed as Company Head


Alexander Néveri, a 100% shareholder of NEVITEL, a.s., was reappointed as the Company’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors as of 1 July 2015.

Alexander Néveri is returning to the executive position after a five-year break,during which he was involved in local politics with the aim of utilising his skills and expertise for the benefit of his municipality and region. During this period, he entrusted professional managers with the management of the Company, continuously monitored the Company’s activities and actively participated in strategic decisions.

NEVITEL, a.s. has been working in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure for over 20 years, i.e. since the very start of GSM network construction in Slovakia. Alexander Néveri started his business activities under the said business name in 1991. During his time with NEVITEL, a.s., the Company became a major partner of telecommunication operators both in Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

The telecommunications market is a dynamically changing environment requiring a high degree of flexibility and staff expertise. Alexander Néveri believes that his many years of industry experience and the 100% work commitment of his team consisting of more than 50 members are the Company’s principal asset through which the Company will successfully achieve its visions and objectives.

Alexander Néveri