NEVITEL strengthens its position in the Slovak and Czech Markets

Press Release



Dunajská Streda, 31stJanuary –  NEVITEL, a.s. strengthens its position in the Slovak and Czech Markets


          At the end of 2012, NEVITEL, a.s. Dunajská Streda, succeeded in its bid for the construction and expansion of the infrastructure for mobile operator Telefónica in Slovakia and also, in a consortium with a Czech partner, in the Czech Republic. "Our company has won the tender and has signed the contract with Telefónica on future cooperation that, we believe, will be as successful as our current cooperation” said Mr. Alexander Néveri, the Company’s majority shareholder.

          Jan Žďárský, director of Telefónica Slovakia’s Network Department, adds: "We are glad that our partner for the further expansion of our network will be NEVITEL, a.s., with whom we have cooperated for a long time."

          Mr. Néveri further stated that the subject of the contract is the provision of services in connection with coverage improvement and reconfiguration of Telefónica Czech Republic’s and Telefónica Slovakia’s  base stations of their wireless networks, during 2013 - 2015.

He continued: "In the Czech Republic, our goal is to improve 3G network coverage and to build new LTE and 2G/3G sites. The company is also planning to reconfigure the existing sites. In Slovakia, the main focus will be on the improvement of GSM and UMTS coverage.”

          NEVITEL, a.s. is engaged in the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure for telecommunications operators and in supplying telecommunications and IT companies. The company can provide the whole package of services such as the design and construction of telecommunications base stations, microwave transmission lines, fixed lines and data centres, installation of technologies, provision of engineering activities together with the maintenance of mobile and fixed line networks and data networks.

          As stated by Mr. Néveri, Nevitel’s goal is to be the preferred partner of all key companies in the telecommunications and IT markets for activities such as the design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure in Central Europe.

He further stressed: "The company provides high-quality services focusing on the achievement of a long-term, mutually beneficial, partnership. We are a group of professionals that monitors the needs of its partners and is able to come up with new and valuable solutions”. He added that one of the company’s top goals is to have its customers’ trust, to achieve their satisfaction and to provide high-quality deliveries and services. This is guaranteed by the company’s goodwill and its material, intellectual and market value. "When providing our services we also consider their impact on the environment," he emphasised.

          Nevitel is continuously developing its activities, optimising its procedures and technological solutions in order to meet its customers’ needs. In doing so, they rely on their strong team of employees and their partners’ networks. As regards its employees, the company tries to increase their efficiency and proficiency and motivates them to high-level performance. The company strives to strengthen its position in the market by increasing its market share based mostly on the quality and efficiency of the activities it carries out. It contributes to the development of the entire society by sponsoring educational, cultural and health care activities.

          In the pre-recession period, the company’s annual turnover was more than 8.5 million Euros. Following the difficult years of the recent recession, the company management plans to achieve a turnover of almost six million Euros in 2013.

          Further to the strategic decision of the company’s owner, Mr. Alexander Néveri, Ing., as of 1st January, 2013, Ms. Szilvia Néveri Varagya, Mgr., has been appointed to the joint positions of Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Director. With Ms. Néveri Varagya as the new CEO, Mr. Néveri, the majority shareholder, said he also intends to strengthen his direct impact on company strategic decisions and its activities.

          NEVITEL has been engaged in telecommunications activities for almost twenty years. "Our company is a reliable partner, installing technologies even for the most demanding players in the telecommunications market. We are strengthening our position in the Slovak market and in the markets around Slovakia, mostly in the Czech Republic and Hungary," said Ms. Néveri Varagya, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.

"We believe the changes that have been introduced will strengthen the trust our customers put in our company and will contribute to further development of our mutual business relations," she concluded.