To be a preferred partner of all major companies operating in the telecommunications and IT market and dealing with the design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures; to provide companies with high-quality services aimed at the provision of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation; to be a group of professionals able to monitor the needs of its partners and introduce new and valuable design proposals.



The mission of NEVITEL, a.s. is to give telecommunications operators and their partners – technological companies and system integrators – assistance in the construction and maintenance of functioning and trouble-free network infrastructures that enable them to provide high-quality services to their clients.



- Customer satisfaction – quality of supplies and services guaranteed by our goodwill
- Material, intellectual and market value of the enterprise
- The environment – high-quality supply and services performed in an environmentally friendly manner
- Employees who are proud to be a part of the NEVITEL, a.s. team


Objectives and Strategy

To constantly develop activities and procedures and make positive efforts to meet the needs of our customers; to increase the effi ciency and level of our employees’ professional skills and motivate our employees to high performance; to strengthen our position in the market by increasing our market share with an emphasis on highquality and effi cient activities; to contribute to the development of society as a whole by sponsoring schools, culture and health care.